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Apple won 27 Design Patents in Hong Kong Today Covering an Array of Apple Card Chip Designs

1 X Cover Apple Card with chip design 0M022 illustrated - Patently Apple IP REport


Apple was granted 27 design patents in Hong Kong earlier today. All of the designs are for different Apple Card chip designs. For instance, our cover graphic is a photo that Apple has published for Apple Card. The chip design on that card matches Apple's newly granted design patent #1802443.0M022 that is presented in our report.  


Unlike "patent applications" that provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to only providing the public with the design patent figures provided by the inventor(s). No additional specifics of the design are made available.


Due to the fact that Apple was granted 27 design patents, only a single example representing the registration form (or granted design patent form) for design patent 1802443.0M027 is provided below. All 27 designs were filed under the same Locarno Classification #19-08 covering "printed material." Each of Apple's granted patent forms add the coverage being for "Card with Chip."  


2 Apple Registered Design Patent form for 1 design 1802443.0M027 - Patently Apple IP Report June 21  2019


27 Registered Apple Card Design Patents


The first set of design Patent figures below represents design patent #1802443.0M027.  All of the design patents reflect the very same design format.  

3 X Apple Card Design Patent Hong Kong 1802443.0M027 - Patently Apple IP Report


Considering that the sides and back of the card are virtually blank in all of the designs, the remaining designs presented below only illustrate the face side of the card with the chip. The chip design is what changes, but not on all designs.


Out of the 27 design patents, Patently Apple identified 15 with clear distinctions however minor. The other 12 design patents not presented below were illustrating the chip positioned being slightly to the right or slightly lower on the card. These are not covered below.


4 Apple Card design patents  024  025  023

4 Apple Card design patents  024  025  023
4 Apple Card design patents  024  025  023
4 Apple Card design patents  024  025  023


As stated at the top of the report, Apple design patents never present details. In this case we're unable to confirm why there are so many different chip designs. Whether the changes reflect different U.S. states or future country blocks is unknown at this time.


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