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1 Cover Apple Pencil 2nd gen


Yesterday Patently Apple posted Apple's utility patent application that related to the second generation Apple Pencil that introduced touch surfaces and deformation feedback. It also introduced a much smarter way of charging Apple pencil using magnets sitting beneath the surface of one side of Apple Pencil that provided a flat surface. The timing of Apple's utility patent is interesting in that today the Hong Kong Patent Office granted Apple five design patents covering various parts of Apple Pencil such as the flat surface, distal tip and distal end.


Unlike "patent applications" that provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to only providing the public with the design patent figures provided by the inventor(s). No additional specifics of the design are made available.


Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) Design Patents


Below are Apple Pencil (2nd-gen) design patent figures covering three of the five granted patents. The other two were too close to other designs to bother covering.


Apple Pencil Design Patent 1802532.0M001


2 - 1802532. 0M001 Apple Pencil 2 DESIGN PATENT HONG KONG - PATENTLY APPLE IP REPORT JUNE 28  2019


Granted Design Patent Form from Hong Kong


Below you'll find one of the granted design patent forms from Hong Kong to show the date filed (today June 28, 2019) and the Locarno Class which is 19-06 which covers the following: "Materials and instruments for writing by hand, for drawing, for painting, for sculpture, for engraving and for artistic techniques." All of the forms are identical except for the design patent numbers that range from 1802532.0M001 to .M005.  


3 x -  1 of the Apple Pencil Registration - Granted Patent - Design Patent forms


Apple Pencil Design Patent 1802532.0M003


4 - Apple Pencil 2nd Gen design patent 1802532.0M003 - PATENTLY APPLE IP REPORT JUNE 28  2019


Apple Pencil Design Patent 1802532.0M004




In other IP news today, Apple's U.S. trademark filing for "Core Haptics" was published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, even though the filing itself notes the filing was made on June 17, 2019. This morning we've updated our June 19th report to add the U.S. information.  


11. 0F Apple IP News Bar


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