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The global Wi-Fi industry leadership is converging on Washington DC on May 14-16 for the fourth annual Wi-Fi World Congress USA also known as Wi-Fi NOW USA. Among the speakers will be FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Wi-Fi Alliance President and CEO Edgar Figueroa as well as industry luminaries from AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Cisco, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Facebook, and many more. Apple is a noted member of the Wi-Fi Alliance.  


The goal of the congress is to showcase, discuss, and push forward a multitude of new opportunities in Wi-Fi, says Claus Hetting, Wi-Fi NOW Chairman and CEO. “Wi-Fi is the most successful wireless technology in history with close to 10 billion devices in operation. Our US event will be showcasing a long list of unprecedented opportunities that will create immense value for business and consumers alike in the coming decade and beyond. There never was a better time to get involved in Wi-Fi,” says Claus Hetting.


The congress will highlight new applications driven forward by the recent release of a new Wi-Fi standard called Wi-Fi 6. “Wi-Fi 6 is not only about serving up faster connectivity. It’s about delivering very high quality, predictable, even cellular-like Wi-Fi services everywhere, not just for Internet access but also to reliably connect machines for example in industrial applications. And Wi-Fi 6 is here today and ready to work for the benefit of all,” says Claus Hetting.


Industry experts will also discuss the potential impact of the FCC releasing the 6 GHz radio frequency band for use with Wi-Fi, which would more than double the amount of spectrum available to Wi-Fi today. The FCC under the leadership of Chairman Pai has already initiated a process that is expected to release the 6 GHz band to Wi-Fi use by early next year.


“We’re at a rare point in history where two highly unusual events are happening concurrently: The release of the new Wi-Fi 6 standard and – very likely – at least a doubling of available Wi-Fi spectrum by next year. The two together will spark a surge in Wi-Fi innovation and vastly increase the value of Wi-Fi to businesses and consumers across the US,” says Claus Hetting.


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