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1 X Cover Lenovo foldable notebook prototype


Last week Patently Apple posted a report titled "Lenovo Released the World's First Foldable Notebook Prototype that could Debut sometime in the 2020-2021 Timeline." The report noted that the second phase of Intel's Project Athena involves the inclusion of notebooks that will utilize fully "foldable displays" that could replace dual display notebooks like the Yoga unit. What we didn't know until now is that Lenovo's prototype was using a flexible 13.3" display from LG.


A Korean tech site reports today that "LG Display’s own foldable display technology is mature enough for commercialization, and it is now up to device makers to adopt the tech and grow the market in earnest,” said CTO Kang In-byeong at the SID Display Week 2019 held in San Jose, California last week. LG presented their new 13.3" inward-folding display.


The foldable laptop is scheduled to hit the market in 2020.


The CTO added that "Foldable smartphones require more advanced technical capabilities than foldable laptops or tablet PCs. Despite technical challenges, the foldable device market can go mainstream depending on device makers."


Just like Lenovo was ahead of the curve with their dual display Yoga notebooks, Lenovo is likely to be the first PC Company to deliver a foldable notebook with LG's new flexible displays.


Apple's last two patents about foldable displays focused on the protection of the fold from cracking (01 and 02); the area where Samsung's Galaxy Fold had its first failure.


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