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1 X Cover Apple Pencil magnetics patent  Patently Apple IP Report May 9  2019


Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that relates to the updated Apple Pencil that could be attached to the iPad Pro for recharging. The invention allows the system to extend to a future Apple Pencil for iPhone and through to other accessories that could be charged by a host device. Perhaps the AirPods case sitting on an iDevice.


Apple's invention provides an inductive interconnection system that enables wireless power transfer between a host device and an accessory device. The inductive interconnection system enables the accessory device to receive power from the host device in various rotational orientations. This eases the way in which the accessory device can receive power from the host device.


A wireless charging system includes an electronic transmitting device that transmits power and an electronic receiving device that receives power from the electronic transmitting device. According to some disclosures herein, the electronic transmitting device can be a host device, e.g., a tablet, smartphone, and any other portable consumer electronic device, that is capable of performing various functions for a user; and, the electronic receiving device can be an accessory device, e.g., a portable keyboard, stylus, smart pencil, wireless earphones, and any other suitable electronic device, that can enhance the function of the host device.


Apple's patent FIG. 20 below illustrates an exemplary wireless charging system where a host device #2000 (iPad or future iPhone) is aligned with an exemplary accessory device #2002 (Apple Pencil) configured to receive charge at any point along a complete 360° angular rotation, and/or an exemplary accessory device #2003 whose housing includes a flat portion that makes contact with host device, like it does today on the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro.


2 magnetics system for Apple Pencil and other accessories to attach to a host device  Patently Apple IP Report May 9  2019


Apple's patent FIG. 6 is an upgraded Apple Pencil that today is restricted to the iPad Pro that has a built-in receiving coil to enable it to be recharged by connecting to the iPad Pro; FIG. 7A is a simplified cross-sectional diagram of an the updated Apple Pencil at a point across a receiver coil of a receiver element.


The remainder of Apple's patent application 20190138073 dives into the magnetics of the system. Apple's patent application that was published today by the U.S. Patent Office was originally filed back in Q3 2018. For the most part, this is a patent fulfilled.


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