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Seven Networks Files Massive 16 Count Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Apple

17.4A Patent Infringement


Seven Networks, referred to as SEVEN, has sued Apple for patent infringement. SEVEN notes in their complaint that they were recognized in the industry for its innovative technologies and products. For example, in 2011 at the Mobile World Congress, the GSMA awarded SEVEN with its Global Mobile Award for Best Technology Breakthrough. Further, in 2013 SEVEN won the Mobile Merit Award for its outstanding innovations in the mobile industry and was identified as one of fifty mobile companies to watch by AlwaysOn. SEVEN was also awarded the Best Free Android App in 2013 by TechRadar and identified SEVEN in its Best LTE Traffic Management Product Short List.


The company accuses Apple of infringing 16 patents owned by Seven Networks. The company claims that Apple's servers, iCloud, iDevices, Macs and various versions of Apple operating systems infringe on their patents.


The company seems to be inactive other than suing other companies and running a blog on their site. Their last press release was made in 2014 and the last time they were covered by the media was in that same year.


1 X Cover Seven networks


Plaintiff SEVEN Networks, LLC (“SEVEN”) files their complaint for patent infringement against Defendant Apple Inc. for infringement of the following U.S. Patents: 9,369,539, 9,438,550, 9,473,914, 9,516,127, 9,603,056, 9,608,968, 9,648,557, 9,712,476, 9,712,986, 9,769,176, 10,027,619, 10,039,029, 10,091,734, 10,110,534,  10,135,771, 10,243,962, collectively the “patents-in-suit”.


2  Seven Networks  LLC sues apple for patent infringement of this patent and many more Apr 11  2019


For full details of the patent infringement lawsuit, review the Scribd document below courtesy of Patently Apple.


Seven Networks Patent Lawsuit by Jack Purcher on Scribd


4 overview of Seven Networks suing Apple April 11  2019


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