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On Monday one of the Biggest IP Trials in History begins between Apple, Foxconn et al v. Qualcomm

Late Yesterday Apple was sued for Patent Infringement relating to Apple Pay Services on iDevices

17.4A Patent Infringement


Quest NetTech Corporation, associated with Quest Patent Research of New York, is suing Apple for patent infringement using a patent from Wynn Technology LLC, a company of one person, according to LinkedIn. According to the docket in this case, the law firm representing Quest NetTech is New York based Brown Rudnick, LLP. Quest NetTech conveniently has an office in IP Troll heaven, Marshal Texas.  Because Apple is refusing to license the acquired patent, they're demanding that Apple pay triple for willful infringement.


The title of the patent used in this infringement case is "Programmable multiple company credit card system." The title gives it away, in that Quest NetTech is claiming that Apple's iDevices using Apple Pay, iOS 8, 9, 10 and beyond interact with Apple's servers which provide the Apple Pay Service which infringes their acquired patent.


The complaint states that "The Accused Devices comprise an electronic credit card for handling multiple accounts comprising, a common processor for controlling operation of the credit card relative to all of the multiple accounts," which infringes their newly acquired Wynn Technology's patent.


For more details, see the full complaint filed by Quest NetTech Corporation in the Scribd document below, courtesy of Patently Apple.


   Quest v Apple - 11862840-0--15240 by Jack Purcher on Scribd


3 overview of Quest Nettech v Apple inc


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