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Apple Files for "Apple Trade In" Trademark in Europe

Apple Files Trademarks for "Apple Originals" for Apple TV+ Service and for the new Apple TV Icon

1 Cover Apple files for 2 TMs in Hong Kong for 'Apple Originals' & apple tv update


Apple filed two trademark applications in Hong Kong this week. One of the trademarks is for "Apple Originals." Just as how Netflix offers "Netflix Original" movies and series like Bloodline, House of Cards and others, Apple is planning to introduce their original content with the trademark "Apple Originals" for their upcoming Apple TV+ service. Apple promotes Apple TV+ service featuring "original stories" as presented below. In the future Apple will use the term "Apple Originals." The second trademark filing in Hong Kong this week covers their figurative Apple TV App icon as presented in our cover graphic.


2 X Apple TV+ featuring Original stories


Apple Files Trademark for "Apple Originals"


3 X FINAL - Apple TM filing for - 'Apple Originals'

(Full International Class Specifics at the bottom of this report)


Apple Files Trademark for new Apple TV App Icon


4 X Apple Image of Apple TV in black & blue for figurative Trademark in Hong Kong


Apple has filed for the Figurative TV icon under International Classes 9, 38 and 41 as they did for the updated Apple TV (Figurative with bitten Apple) back on March 25th. The differences between the March and April Apple TV trademark filings is (a) the focus of class #41 as presented below, and (b) adding class specifics to protect for the Apple TV app.


In March 2019 Class 41 primarily covered education services, training, advertising, marketing, podcasts, sporting events, festivals.


In April 2019 Class 41 primarily adds focus by adding: "Development, production, distribution, rental, and presentation of television programs, motion pictures, and multimedia entertainment content; providing ongoing television, audio, video, and webcast programs." It also specifically adds "cable television"


In Sept. 2017 Apple filed their figurative Apple TV Trademark (figurative with bitten Apple) under International Class 09. If you review the report via the link above, you'll see that Apple filed it under 71 lines of devices.


In April 2019 Apple's figurative trademark (with Apple Device) has added a focused set of entries covering Class 09 that covers the iPhone Apple TV app icon as follows: "Computer software for use in searching, selecting, playing, streaming, and sharing television, movies, images, and other audio, video, data, and multimedia content."


4 Apple TV App icon
4 Apple TV App icon(Full International Class Specifics at the bottom of this report)


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6 class specifics or Apple Originals
6 class specifics or Apple Originals



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