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Apple Files for "Apple Trade In" Trademark in Europe

1 X cover Apple files for 'apple trade in' trademark in europe


Patently Apple posted a report back in January 2019 titled "Apple Issues a Gloomy Preannouncement that they'll miss their Financial Guidance for Q1 2019." One of the things that Apple's CEO stated in its formal preannouncement was that the company would place more focus on emphasizing trade ins with existing customers in the future so that they'll know that the retail price for new iPhones will drop by simply trading in their older iPhones. The service would extend to getting financing for new iPhones and they'd make the transfer of data from an old iPhone to a new one a snap for them at the Genius Bar.


Specifically Tim Cook stated in the preannouncement that "We can’t change macroeconomic conditions, but we are undertaking and accelerating other initiatives to improve our results. One such initiative is making it simple to trade in a phone in our stores, finance the purchase over time, and get help transferring data from the current to the new phone."


Earlier this week Apple filed for "Apple Trade In" trademark with the Europe Patent Office as noted below.




Usually the European Patent Office will reveal Apple's chosen International Class specifics for the public to view. This time around they're complicating it by only allowing EU Patent Office "members" access to Apple's information. Apple's secrecy for something this simple is ridiculous. I'll update the report at a later date should my membership ever get accepted.  


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