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1 X2 Cover full display smartphone with cameras under the display


In January Patently Apple reported that Apple supplier AMS that designs and manufactures high-performance sensor solutions for applications requiring the highest level of miniaturization, integration, accuracy, sensitivity and lower power, announced that new camera behind-the-display technology could deliver a bezeless smartphone as our cover graphic presents. It's now being reported in Korea that Samsung will be adopting this approach in a future Galaxy smartphone.


The Korean tech report states that "Samsung Electronics said on March 14 it will push to put cameras and sensors beneath the screens of smartphones to create 'perfect full-screen' devices.


Samsung added that "its Infinity-O Display, used in Galaxy S10, is a 'milestone' for its display technology, although going forward it will showcase a 'full screen' look for upcoming smartphones.


Yang Byung-duk, vice president of Samsung’s mobile communication R&D group display, said this morning in a press briefing that "Punching a hole in the OLED display is a very challenging technology. We tried the technology for Galaxy’s 10th anniversary model and think the strategy worked as a result."


Yang further pointed out that the "Galaxy S10 is the only smartphone that has a hole in OLED display itself. It's a noteworthy achievement in terms of the display technological advances, though the company's ultimate goal is to create a smartphone with all of sensors embedded beneath the screen."


The timing for the switchover to embedding the camera under the display wasn't predicted. Whether Samsung could deliver the new design in time for the August Note 10 smartphone launch is unknown at this time.


It's likewise unknown when or if Apple will adopt this technology from AMS for iPhones.


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