Apple Wins Patents Today Covering a Foldable Digital Newspaper/Magazine and Smart Fabrics
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Apple Won 48 Patents today covering HomePod Adaption to a Room and much more

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 48 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. Patently Apple covered four patents earlier today covering a foldable iPad-like device focused on delivering digital newspapers and magazines; smart fabrics, 17 Project Titan vehicle sunroof configurations and a future iPad Pro keyboard with touch capabilities. The last granted patent that we think is worth highlighting today is one relating to HomePod


HomePod: Audio Adaption to a Room


Apple begins to describe HomePod on its webpage this way: HomePod is a breakthrough speaker that adapts to its location and delivers high-fidelity audio wherever it’s playing."


Apple's newly granted patent titled "Audio Adaption to a Room," relates to this specifically. It covers the field of rendering of audio by a loudspeaker; and more specifically, to environmentally compensated audio rendering.


Apple's granted patent 10,244,314 further notes that "An audio system includes one or more loudspeaker cabinets, each having loudspeakers. Sensing logic determines an acoustic environment of the loudspeaker cabinets. The sensing logic may include an echo canceller. A low frequency filter corrects an audio program based on the acoustic environment of the loudspeaker cabinets.


The system outputs an omnidirectional sound pattern, which may be low frequency sound, to determine the acoustic environment. The system may produce a directional pattern superimposed on an omnidirectional pattern, if the acoustic environment is in free space. The system may aim ambient content toward a wall and direct content away from the wall, if the acoustic environment is not in free space. The sensing logic automatically determines the acoustic environment upon initial power up and when position changes of loudspeaker cabinets are detected. Accelerometers may detect position changes of the loudspeaker cabinets." You could check out more details here.


In relation to Apple's patent FIG. 4 they noted that 'Sensing logic #408 determines an acoustic environment of the loudspeaker cabinet #400. A playback mode processor receives an audio program #410 and produces an audio signal that adjusts the audio program for room effects based on the acoustic environment of the loudspeaker cabinet 400.


2 HomePod adaption to a room


In some embodiments, an accelerometer #422 is coupled to the loudspeaker cabinet 400 to detect a change in the position of the loudspeaker cabinet


Apple's granted patent was originally filed in Q2 2017 and published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office.


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