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Apple Files for Trademarks covering their VR 'Measure' App Icon and major updates relating to 'CarPlay' & 'Works with Apple CarPlay'

1 X cover Works with Apple CarPlay


Last week Apple filed for a trademark covering their AR 'Measure' app icon in the U.S. and Hong Kong, China. Earlier in the month Apple filed for a major update to their various versions of 'CarPlay' in Hong Kong and the figurative version being filed in Hong Kong and Europe.  


'CarPlay' and 'Works with Apple CarPlay'


Patently Apple covered Apple's trademark filings for the figurative version of 'Works with Apple CarPlay' back in 2014 and 2015. The International Class that they were filed under was class 09. In their latest round of updates, Apple is filing their Trademark under a new and much wider set of classes that include 07, 12, 28, 35, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42 and the original class 09.


Brief overview of the new International Classes: Classes 07 and 12 protect the trademark to cover vehicles beyond just cars to include bicycles, Motorcycles and mopeds; Class 28 covers toys and games; Class 35 covers advertising, marketing and promotions; Class 37 covers troubleshooting, maintenance and parts of a vehicle, security and more; Class 38 covers telecommunications, broadcasting and streaming; Class 39 covers travel and tourism and guide services including maps, parking, biking routes, traffic conditions and more; Class 41 covers educational services and training of all kinds (mentoring, internships, apprenticeship etc), online classes, games; and lastly Class 42 design and development, cloud computing services; rental of computer hardware, software, social networking and more.


Hong Kong trademark numbers: 304847293 (figurative, English, like cover image); 304842964 (plain text) and 304843756 (Bilingual English & Chinese as shown below).


2 x CarPlay + Chinese text


Apple filed for the figurative 'Works with Apple CarPlay in London for Europe under #018031900. This trademark application limited the International Classes compared to those covered in Hong Kong with classes 07, 09, and 37.


Apple's Trademark Application in-part for 'Measure' App Icon


3 XFinal -  uspto measure icon  VR  Apple  Patently Apple IP report mar 26  2019


Below is Apple's 'Measure' app Icon that they're trying to protect with this trademark application. The 'Measure' icon is juxtaposed to a photo I took showing a single width measurement of a rattan storage cabinet in my condo. On the go and in a pinch I'd certainly use the app, but I'm old school and still prefer a tape measure.  


4 - Apple icon for vr app Measure  Patently Apple IP report March 26  2019


Apple's Hong Kong Trademark Application In-Part for 'Measure' App Icon


5 AR Measuring app icon tm application in hong kong  patently apple ip report mar 26  2019


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