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Apple Acquired Patents from Lighthouse AI for a 3D Depth Home Camera System in Late 2018

1 X apple acquires 3d home camera patents report


London based publication IAM was launched as a magazine in July 2003 to address the need for organizations to maximize the value of their intellectual property and other intangibles, and to examine the strategies they can put in place to do this. IAM has posted a report revealing that Apple has acquired a series of both granted patents and others that are patent pending focused on an AI based home camera security system.


Below are two videos that will provide you an overview of the patented camera system that worked with an iPhone app.  




A few of the patents that Apple acquired are presented below.


Granted Patents:


9,965,612: Method and system for visual authentication

10,009,554: Method and system for using light emission by a depth-sensing camera to capture video images under low-light conditions


2 X apple acquires patents  example patent figure from granted patent #10 009 554


Lighthouse AI patent FIG. 1 above shows a camera system (#100) that may be used to capture data in an environment (#120). The environment may be a three-dimensional space that is within the field of view of the camera system. The environment may be any kind of environment, e.g., an indoor or outdoor environment.


Patent Pending:


20180246964: Speech Interface for Vision-Based Monitoring System

20180367962: Two-Way Communication Interface for Vision-Based Monitoring System

20180374325: Method and System for Incident Sharing in a Monitoring System


For more on this story, read the full IAM report here (requires a sign up process). Lighthouse AI CEO Alex Teichman posted a farewell notice to their customers back in 2018 titled "Lights Out" that you could read here.


3 X Lights Out


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