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On Friday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Accused of Supporting a Saudi Government App that Monitors the whereabouts of Saudi Women." While Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have painted the Saudi Government app as sinister and therefore Apple and Google being evil for supporting it, the original report had noted that "Apps like this one can facilitate human rights abuses, including discrimination against women."


Are there hundreds of cases proving that this app is in fact being abused by the Saudi Government or is it hype to make headlines? Whatever it is, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden jumped on the bandwagon with a letter to Apple and Google CEO's as noted in the tweet below.


2 X Ron WYden letter to apple and Google ceo's


Is the letter a rush to judgement by Senator Ron Wyden? Considering that the Senator also jumped onboard the Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 'Green New Deal,' perhaps it's best to hear from Apple's CEO Tim Cook before jumping to conclusions.


If Apple has yet to make an announcement on this matter, then it's likely because they're respectively and fairly looking into the matter before making a decision against a Government that's working with Apple on several projects that will help modernize its education system and beyond. 


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