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1 X cover MacBooks #1 with households with kids


A new survey shows that Apple and HP are top laptop brands in households without kids. Yet when kids are still at home, Apple's MacBook beat out the competition handily as the Statista Chart below reveals.


2 X PC Mag + Statista chart Apple best selling notebooks reports that a survey conducted by MSW-ARS Research and The Brand Strength Monitor studied US laptop brand preferences broken down by whether there were kids in the house.


The research firms surveyed 3,000 respondents between ages 18 and 74. A little less than half of the respondents had children in their households, and the other slightly more than half of respondents did not.


Beyond Apple's big win, I found it really interesting to see that Samsung beat out Dell for laptops in U.S. households with kids.


While the report really doesn't breakdown which laptops models are selling to students most, PCMag takes a guess over in their report here.


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