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In the last two weeks, a Munich court threw out four more of Qualcomm's Patent infringement lawsuits against Apple and in the U.S., Qualcomm got slammed by a California Judge for their procedural shenanigans that produced a baseless injunction against Apple.


Today we're leaning that Apple has already found a workaround to one of Qualcomm's patents and by doing so has nullified Qualcomm's original claims.


Back on July 6, 2017 Qualcomm published a press release titled "Qualcomm files Patent Infringement Complaints against Apple with International Trade Commission and Federal Court." Within that press release Qualcomm provided an infographic titled: Five technologies iPhones use everyday.


Today Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents mocked Qualcomm's infographic, as presented below, with the reality of the ground thus far in the Qualcomm-Apple patent war. None of Qualcomm's original claims against Apple infringing their technology stand today making the Qualcomm-Apple court case starting in April look bad for Qualcomm.  


2 X Qualcomm losing badly  FOSS PATENTS


To read more about Florian Mueller's take on Qualcomm's current efforts, read the full FOSS Patent report titled "Apple has already defeated Qualcomm's first ITC complaint with a workaround in iOS 12.1 and later, blessed by Qualcomm's CTO," here.


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