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Apple has reportedly acquired the London-based startup DataTiger. CEO Philipp Mohr's Profile describes his company as one that is "re-thinking the whole marketing experience."


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He further notes that "We’re building a highly scalable marketing solution that is truly fit for the era of user-demanded personalization, AI-assisted marketing, large volumes of data, real-time data requirements, and tight data privacy. We want to bring the stale era of 'email-list thinking' and slow, campaign-based marketing to an end."


In another LinkedIn section an Overview of the company is presented as follows:


"DataTiger is a set of tools that enables you to build marketing software that puts your data to work. Using DataTiger is the fastest and easiest way to increase retention & monetisation. With our platform you can individually optimize the marketing flows for your customers in real-time across all channels. DataTiger can be used as an online tool, importing your data and set up user flows in minutes, with all of your data living in the cloud - or it can be fully customized in-house, building your own marketing solution via our APIs + open-source front-end components."


Bloomberg notes that "Apple uses several forms of digital marketing, such as emails to tout new products and push notifications to encourage users to subscribe to services like Apple Music."


The company's legal name is noted as Operatedata Ltd.


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