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A new Class Action has been filed against Apple for not providing an easy Mechanism to disable their Two-Factor Authentication



A Plaintiff by the name of Jay Brodsky has filed with a California court a formal complaint against Apple Inc. in an effort to get a class action approved. The nature of the action, according to the formal complaint, is  based on Apple locking out Plaintiff from use of his personal devices by a business policy requiring two-factor authentication that cannot be disabled after a lapse of an initial fourteen (14) days.


Once two-factor authentication is enabled either by default, on a software update or accidentally by a user and 14 days have lapsed, Apple does not allow any mechanism to disable two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication imposes an extraneous logging in procedure that requires a user to both (i) remember password; and (ii) have access to a trusted device or trusted phone number to receive an additional six-digit code that needs to be entered at the time of logging in addition to the user set password. A user does not have an option to disable such doubled up security measures and is stuck with wasting time to log on to his own device. Two-factor authentication requires additional steps to access any third-party apps or services requiring passwords. Two-factor authentication is required each time you turn on a device.


Apple does not get user consent to enable two-factor authentication. Apple does not get user consent to then remove the option forever to disable two-factor authentication, once it is enabled. An email with a long paragraph thanking the user and highlighting the good features of two-factor authentication followed by a simple single last line in an email saying that the link will expire on a given date is insufficient to put the user on notice of his options and make an informed decision as to whether to click the link to disable it.


As a result of Apple’s coercive policies with regards to security of Plaintiff owned devices, Plaintiff and millions of similarly situated consumers across the nation have been and continue to suffer harm. Plaintiff and Class Members have suffered economic losses in terms of the interference with the use of their personal devices and waste of their personal time in using additional time for simple logging in.


Plaintiff and the Class seek monetary damages as well as declaratory and injunctive relief to prevent Apple from continuing its practice of not allowing a user to choose its own logging and security procedure.


Causes for Action


Count 1: Trespass to personal Property

Count 2: Violation of the invasion of privacy act

Count 3: Violation of the Computer Crime Law

Count 4: Violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act


For more details on this case, review the full Class Action lawsuit filings below provided to you courtesy of Patently Apple


Jay Brodsky vs. Apple Class... by Jack Purcher on Scribd


General Case Information


2  x Official class action filing information

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