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WiLAN's $145.1 Million Verdict against Apple has been slashed to $10 Million While Unified Patents Challenges more Patent Troll Patents

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Last August Patently Apple posted a report titled "U.S. Jury Found Apple Guilty of Infringing two WiLAN Patents that will cost Apple $145.1 Million." Today it's being reported that the original verdict was slashed to $10 million last week by a California Court.


In other Intellectual Property (IP) news we're learning that Unified Patents, who fights patent trolls, has filed a petition for inter partes review to invalidate SMTM Technology's acquired patent 8,958,853. The ‘853 patent automatically causes a mobile device to enter into an inactive mode when the mobile device is being used in a moving vehicle.


In July 2018, Patently Apple posted a report about this lawsuit titled "Apple Sued for Patent Infringement regarding the iOS Feature 'Do not Disturb' while Driving." Should Unified Patents prevail in invalidated the patent, it would help Apple end SMTM Technology's lawsuit.


United Patents has also filed a petition for inter partes review to invalidate Uniloc's acquired patent 7,020,252 that was used in a patent infringement case. While Patently Apple has covered many Uniloc patent infringement cases (01, 02 and 03) against Apple, we decided to drop covering lawsuits filed by this serial patent troll. The patent Unified Patents is attempting to invalidate is from a case we didn't cover. Should they succeed in invalidating the patent, it would help Apple's alleged patent infringement case


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