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1 X Cover Earpods


Apple has filed for an update to their EarPods trademark in both Europe and China. The update centers on providing extensive International Class coverage.


In 2012 Apple's two original trademarks for EarPods were covered by International Class 09 which specifically covered "headphones; microphones; remote control for controlling audio and video players and mobile phones; sound reproducing apparatus."


There were two trademarks filed in 2012. Serial #85728401 covered "EarPods" & serial #85743152 covered "Apple EarPods."


This week Apple legal filed new trademarks for EarPods in both Europe and China with both being filed under two International Classes 9 and 42 this time. Below is the European filing (018012322), and China's application (not shown) was filed under # 304808386.


2 x EarPods  Apple  Trademark update with new class coverage


Updates to a trademark can at times provide us with hints as to what Apple could be adding to a device. Click on the graphic below to read the full coverage of EarPods.


3 X 2019 EarPods class coverage changes


It's a mystery as to why Apple chose to cover EarPods under Class 14 being that it's pretty restricted to time pieces, watches. EarPods are wired headphones and so that could mean a pendant styled Apple Watch with connectivity to EarPods. Of course that's a wild guess and not a rumor. If you have any ideas on this, send in a comment.


International Class 42 is completely new to the EarPods trademark, so take a guess as to why Apple has chosen to add this class. It adds music and video games amongst many other possible features.


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