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Last Friday Microsoft surprisingly overtook Apple as the leading U.S. company in market value. The chart below shows that the two companies could be jostling for top status along with Amazon for weeks, months or a quarter or two. That's inspired Microsoft to strike while the iron is hot and hit back at Apple in a new ad.


2 X apple microsoft chart

The new Microsoft ad below is about a young girl, around the age as the girl in the iPad Pro ad about "what is a computer." In fact this is Microsoft's reply to that Apple ad message.


(Music is an adaption of the holiday song, Grandma got run over by a reindeer.)


Some of the lyrics of the new Surface Tablet v. iPad that are sung are as follows: "Grandma don't run out and buy an iPad, fine when I was six but now and I'm ten. My dreams are big and so I need a real computer, to do all the amazing things I know I can. So just go with the one I'm really wanting, to be smartest me that I can be."   


While the iPad Pro could run over a Surface Go in it's sleep in raw power, there's the argument that there are more real business apps on Windows 10.


Of course you could analyze this to death, but it made me laugh at their attempt to win over Grandmas of the world during holiday shopping season and be in Apple's face at the same time.


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