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Patently Apple now Supports the 'MeWe' Social Media Site where your Private Life is Not4Sale

1 x cover MeWe 'Not 4 Sale'


Facebook and Twitter are losing fans and for good reason. Selling or losing our data isn't cool. Empty apologies aren't enough. The Cambridge Analytica fiasco angered a lot of fans and it has snowballed from there. Now with Twitter and Facebook entering the news business and pushing their particular brand of politics, some are looking for alternative social media sites.


Today Patently Apple is offering fans access to our reports via a social media site called MeWe. It's now listed in our navigation bar besides our Facebook link.


MeWe makes a strong statement that your privacy is not for sale as their video below promotes. They note on their site: "We do not spy, track, or share your data. Your personal information and content is yours - not ours." They add: "No Ads. No Spyware. No BS."


If you go to their site, towards the bottom of their home page they have a simple challenge. By taking the MeWe Challenge, you'll get to see how many apps are tracking you at this very moment. I took the test again today and the result was: "You have at least 49 tracking cookies stalking you." The point is clear, you're being tracked whether you want it or not.


MeWe: Your Private Life is Not4Sale


If you decide to join MeWe or are already a member, then give us some feedback and encourage others to join in if you like the site. 


MeWe's Privacy Bill of Rights


2 x Privacy Bill of Rights

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