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There was a lot of skepticism about the strength of iPhone X sales when it first went on sale. The negative rumors were persistently claiming iPhone X wasn't doing well. On February first of this year, during the company's financial conference call, Apple's CEO stated that "We're thrilled to report the biggest quarter in Apple's history, with broad-based growth that included the highest revenue ever from a new iPhone lineup. iPhone X surpassed our expectations and has been our top-selling iPhone every week since it shipped in November." In July we went on to report that iPhone X was still the number one smartphone in China which flew in the face of critics.


New iPhone season, new rumors and this time the emphasis has been on the failure of iPhone XR even in light of iPhone XR suppliers stating that all is well.


This afternoon Apple used the same kind of statement that they did in February for iPhone X except this time it was for iPhone XR. Reuters is reporting that Apple's VP of marketing Greg Joswiak told them that the "iPhone XR has been the company’s best-selling iPhone model every day since it went on sale in mid-October." He added that "the iPhone XR is currently Apple’s “most mainstream product and our most popular iPhone." Read more about this here.


Yesterday Digitimes posted a report claiming that Apple enforced a second wave of order reductions. Our report began and ended pointing to Apple's decision to not report iPhone data going forward was giving news sites license to post negative news knowing there was no way of it being challenged with facts.


The negativity driven to fever pitch in the last few weeks has hurt Apple's stock. While it's good that Apple's Greg Joswiak is out defending the company's stock indirectly, refusing to report hard data on the iPhone will only lead to more rumors quarter in and quarter out with Apple having to play defense on an ongoing basis.


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