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Yesterday we posted a report titled "Unbox Therapy Highlights Pixel 3's 'Scuffgate' Issue." Today we're learning from a Marques Brownlee video that his recently obtained Pixel 3 smartphone already has a disastrous vertical line of dead pixels right down the middle of its display.


2 x Pixel 3 Display issue

Brownlee begins to talk about the problem at the around the 3:37 mark of the video below. Brownlee notes: "… and you'll notice it has a stripe, a pink stripe straight down the middle. A full brightness stripe of dead pixels completely in the center of the display." He points to this being a problem in the past with Samsung panels.


Brownlee added: There's no real guaranteed fix for it. It's just kind of a thing that happens. It sucks. Now I can't use this phone anymore and I'll have to get a new one and it's going to be replaced super soon but that's … that's terrible.  



While Brownlee doesn't think this will be a widespread issue, only time will tell. 


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