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1 X Cover next gen apple pencil with ultrasonic transducers


Tomorrow is Apple's next big event that will primarily focus on the iPad Pro with its new sexy look that drops the classic Home Button. It's also a perfect opportunity to update Apple Pencil. We noted in a report yesterday that both Bloomberg's Gurman and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities are predicting an update to Apple pencil and we noted that Apple's ultrasonic transducer patent could possibly come into play.


2 Next Gen Apple Pencil

Considering that Apple is updating their Macs at the same time, some will be hoping that Apple Pencil will also advance so as to finally work with a next-generation Magic Trackpad as a 2016 Apple patent suggested.  


3 X Apple Pencil working with Magic Trackpad

Interestingly the 2016 patent also touched on new features that could come to Apple Pencil like a button and new sensors.


4  x  Apple Pencil with magic trackpad

One notable Apple developer tweeted on Sunday afternoon that Apple the Pencil 2 would support gestures and change stroke properties by sliding along the sides of the Pencil.



An Irish developer Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted yesterday afternoon as well stating that he thinks Apple Pencil will have "a button of some sort" that will allow users to perform gestures. Taking a second stab at it, he noted that perhaps it could extend to using contextual menus. Something that was extensively covered in a 2017 patent application with one of the patent figures shown below.  


5 apple pencil contextual menus

Patently Apple doesn't write Apple event forecasts based on patents because patents could take 3 months to 10 or more years to come to light so predicting when a patent will come to market is impossible to predict.


However, if developers or insiders are strongly hinting at what could be introduced at an event, we'll point out if the concept being thrown out by an insider matches any patents on file.


With Apple Pencil 2 on the way, more than likely Apple will advance it so that it packs a new level of interactivity that packs a punch.


Will we see at least one of Apple's patents come to life tomorrow regarding Apple Pencil? We'll know within the next 24 hours. Until then you could always check out Apple's other Apple Pencil patent-pending ideas here.  


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