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One of the keynote speakers that I'm really looking forward to at CES 2019 will be from Dr. Lisa Su, AMD's President and CEO. It will be held on January 9 at 9:00 AM in the Venetian Palazzo Ballroom. This is where AMD is planning to introduce the world's first 7nm processors that will power next-generation desktops, mixed reality headsets, workstations and more. The next-gen processors will not only be powerful but the first generation of processors that will be Meltdown and Spectre-free at the hardware level.


Dr. Su's address marks the first CES keynote from AMD in the show's history. She joins IBM chairman, president and CEO Ginni Rometty as confirmed CES 2019 keynote speakers. Additional CES keynotes will be announced in the coming weeks.


The press release officially noted that "In 2019, AMD will catapult computing, gaming, and visualization technologies forward with the world's first 7nm high-performance CPUs and GPUs, providing the power required to reach technology's next horizon. During her CES keynote, Dr. Su and guests will provide a view into the diverse applications for new computing technologies ranging from solving some of the world's toughest challenges to the future of gaming, entertainment and virtual reality with the potential to redefine modern life.


Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA: "AMD is transforming the future of computing in our ever-expanding digital world and revolutionizing the $35 billion gaming industry. We look forward to Dr. Su's keynote as she paints a picture of the next-generation of computing that will help redefine the future of gaming and virtual entertainment."


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