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1 Cover AirPower patent figure.


Apple introduced their first wireless charging pad branded AirPower at the iPhone X event last year. Those attending the event at the new Steve Jobs Theater got to examine the product. From there the launch date kept slipping and then in June of this year Bloomberg's Apple guru Mark Gurman pegged last week's iPhone event for the official launch and once again it was a no-show.


Gurman stated in June that "Apple wants users to be able to place any of their devices anywhere on the charging mat to begin a charge. That ambitious goal requires the company to pack the AirPower with multiple charging sensors [see one of Apple's patent figures below], a process that has proven difficult, the people said. The charger is based on custom charging technology, which it intends to integrate with the Qi charging standard, the company said last year."


2 X AirPower patent

For something that looks so bare bones and simplistic, it's amazing how many patents that Apple has on AirPower. The complexity of pulling off multiple device charging appears to be far more complicated than it looks. Apple is even exploring an accessory to place on AirPower that will accellerate charging an Apple Watch.


Then earlier this week Apple was granted patent which was an eye opener. Apple had surprisingly won a patent covering an iPad with a ceramic back side which would allow for wireless charging.



Of course you can't accurately point to any patent and say that X-Invention will be coming to market by X-Date because you'd be wrong 99.99% of the time. From covering patents for over a decade I know first hand that some inventions take a decade or more to come to market while others are out in just a year or two.


Yet with that said, you have to wonder if Apple will defy their critics by introducing an all-new iPad Pro with a ceramic back this year? If so, Apple could choose to make that event even more fun by announcing the AirPower at that time. That would be a major buzz for Christmas.


I know it's a long shot to be sure. But if Apple fails to produce AirPower this year, Apple will have lost more credibility. They did the same thing by announcing a new modular PC system that is now somewhere down the road.


Tech sites like The Verge, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Expert Reviews and others were quick to take a stab at Apple since Wednesday for not launching AirPower.


If Apple doesn't deliver it by year's end, then Apple will have certainly deserved to have been poked in the eye. A top tech company like Apple shouldn't be over committing to a time frame that they can't live up to. It's inexcusable. It's a real let down to their fans worldwide. Delivering a product on time was something that the late Steve Jobs was proud of for new Apple. No more vaporware, no more false promises like the past.


Yet before the knives come out questioning the credibility of Apple's current CEO who seems to be distracted of late, here's to hoping that there's one more thing for 2018.


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