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1 X Cover Data & Privacy Icon TM report


Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published four Apple trademark applications for the same new icon representing "Data & Privacy" as our graphic above illustrates. The icon first appeared in iOS 11.3 released earlier this year. It appears when iOS is collecting your data.


In the wake of recent revelations around Facebook's handling of user data, and in the lead up to the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Apple is updating the way it informs users about how personal information is used. This preempts further changes in May, which will give customers more options around downloading, correcting and deactivating the use of personal data held by the company.


The idea is that when personal information is being collected on iTunes, the App Store or other Apple services, users can tap through the icon to read more information about what sort of data is being asked for and how it is being used. It's pitched by the company as a way for it to increase transparency around how it handles user data, aligned with GDPR rules.


Below is Apple's graphic and message that could be found on their website titled "Here's how to manage your Privacy."


2 X  privacy icon on iOS

Apple TM Application In-Part for Data & Privacy Icon


3 X one example of TM filing for privacy icon

Above is one of the trademark applications published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which were originally filed on September 7th. Each of the four icon trademark filings presents us with a single International Class protecting the trademark. Below are the four International Classes that were filed.


Application #88109257 covers International Class 042: "Electronic data storage; cloud computing services; computer security and data security consultancy; data encryption services."


Application #88109246 covers International Class 036: "Electronic funds transfer and payment transaction processing; processing, verifying, and authenticating mobile payments, and contactless credit and debit card transactions, loyalty reward card transactions, and bill payment transactions with retailers, merchants, and vendors; providing credit and debit card information by electronic means; ensuring the security of contactless transactions with retailers, merchants and vendors, mobile payments, and of credit and debit card information."


Application # covers International Class 035: "Retail store services featuring computer, electronic, and entertainment products, telecommunications devices, handheld and wearable digital electronic devices, audio products, home automation products, computer software, souvenir merchandise, and accessories, peripherals, carrying cases, and parts for such products; product demonstrations provided in-store; arranging and conducting of commercial, trade, and business conferences, shows, and exhibitions."


Application # covers International Class 009: "Computer software used in contactless transactions with retailers, merchants, and vendors and to process mobile payments; computer software for storing, transmitting, processing, facilitating, verifying, and authenticating credit and debit card information and transaction and payment information; computer software for ensuring the security of contactless transactions with retailers, merchants and vendors, mobile payments, and of credit and debit card information; data privacy protection computer software."


4 xx Apple Icon for Privacy & Data

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