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Apple Files for ResPro and ClassKit Trademarks in Hong Kong & Europe



Apple's ProRes was introduced back in 2007 with Final Cut Studio 2. It's a high quality video compression format developed by Apple for use in post-production that supports up to 8K. It is widely used as a final format delivery method for HD broadcast files in commercials, features, Blu-ray and streaming. Its impressive list of Licensees includes Sony, Adobe, Microsoft, Avid, Autodesk, Panasonic and others.


On Friday Apple filed for the ProRes trademark in Hong Kong. Apple filed their trademark under International Class 9 which covers motion picture production. Apple Worldwide Video is likely using ProRes in the production of new series now in development. Below is Apple's trademark application in-part.



Apple filed their trademark for protection under International Class 09 which contained the following description from Apple Legal:


"Software for video and motion picture production; software for post-production finishing and mastering of video and motion pictures; software for creating, viewing, broadcasting, and editing video and audio recordings and motion picture films; software for authoring, downloading, transmitting, distributing, viewing, editing, compressing, extracting, encoding, decoding, playing, storing and organizing audio, video, still images and other multimedia content and digital data."


You could learn more about Apple's ProRes in their white paper (PDF) here.


3 - Apple ClassKit

Apple introduced Schoolwork at an education-specific event in Chicago this past March. We're now learning that many top educational apps are using ClassKit that could be used in Schoolwork. Apple emphasized during their keynote that "We believe we can help teachers bring fun new experiences into every subject into the classroom helping kids to communicate in powerful new ways and flex their creative muscle."


4 X Schoolwork

Below is Apple's European trademark application in-part for the Figurative version of the ClassKit icon as noted below that was filed on Friday. The basic trademark for the word 'ClassKit' alone was filed for in the U.S. back in July.


5 X Euro TM application for ClassKit icon

Apple filed for their figurative trademark under International Class 009. The list in full below is ridiculously long with laughable items such as controls for a garage door opener and electrified fences. Here's to hoping that electrified fences are never part of any schools system. Apple didn't include International Class 41 which specifically covers education.


6 apple class 9 coverage for ClassKit figurative icon


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