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Acer Unveils First & Thinnest Intel Whiskey Lake Notebooks along with new VR headsets & In-Home Gaming Cockpit

1X cover acer with new intel whiskey processors


Earlier today Acer unveiled the first notebooks that will use the newly announced Whiskey Lake Intel processors that we covered in a report yesterday afternoon titled "Apple may Power Fall MacBooks with Intel's new Whiskey Lake Processors that Supports Gigabit Wi-Fi & more."


Acer revealed a number of new products at their IFA Berlin event today including a new VR headset, updated Aspire and Swift notebooks, a gaming notebook with tons of innovation and even an in-home gaming cockpit to amp up the gaming experience to a whole new level. You could watch the whole Acer event below or just skip to parts you may want to see.  



One of thing that struck me about the event is how drastically PC companies have shifted to advanced engineering and care for design. Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs working with Jony Ive manically focused on driving consumer product designs like the iMac and MacBook Air to use lightweight aluminum and thinner design.


This was at a time when PC laptops were heavy and plastic ugly. The all-in-one wasn't even available to match the iMac. In today's Acer event, the attention to materials and thin designs was a testament to the work Apple has done to change the industry in terms of industrial design.


Product Highlights in Photos





Consumer 24" All-in-one Desktop


3 Acer Aspire z 24 AIO desktop



4 X Aspire 7  Swift 5
4 X Aspire 7  Swift 5


An online flash poll taken by 9to5Mac this morning had the vast majority of their fan base agree that Apple should introduce super thin bezels on future  MacBook designs like Acer's new premium notebook, the Swift 7. 


High-End Gaming Notebook


6 acer gaming notebook

Not shown, the Predator Triton 900 comes with a digital numeric pad that could be used to draw with a stylus as well which is supported in the new Whiskey Lake architecture.


Gamer, Developer Desktop


7 Predator desktop Acer


While Apple's iMac Pro models with 8 to 18 cores can't be beat by Acer's new dual core Xeon processor desktop, it's likely to be priced to reach more gamers worldwide.


Predator Thronos: First Consumer In-Home Gaming Cockpit


8 Predator Thronos



Will the Predator Thronos take off this Christmas or was it really designed to be a show stopper at Acer's IFA Berlin trade show Booth? While only time will tell, the young man sitting in the Thronos cockpit as shown below is clearly enthralled. The Engadget photo below also shows us that Thronos is powered by the new Predator X Tower. Click on the photo to enlarge.

  1 X  extra Predator Thronos


If you're interested in learning a little more about Acer's Predator Thronos then be sure to check out Engadget's full report here.


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