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1 x cover smartphone fire on plane in Barcelona


Several New Zealand websites are reporting that a smartphone had exploded on a Ryanair plane. Panicked tourists on a Ryanair holiday to Ibiza had to exit via an emergency chute after a passenger's phone battery exploded and caught light as the plane was about to take off. Holidaymakers were said to be falling over each other in a bid to get away from the aircraft as quickly as they could after the inflatable slide was activated. The incident was partially caught on film in a report from here


The report further noted that a portable charger being used with a mobile phone caught fire while the aircraft was still on the ground. Passengers onboard the Ryanair flight said the owner of the battery pack was a New Zealander.


Interesting enough, the make of the smartphone is being withheld. While any smartphone vendor would be hit with this news, Samsung has to be praying that it wasn't a Galaxy smartphone as they prepare to launch their Note 9 in New York on August 9th.


In the end it's likely going to be the charger to blame, especially if it's a third party knock-off brand. Stay tuned for an update once more news on this is made public.


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