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In March Huawei introduced their premium P20 smartphone that introduced a triple camera setup. In June the Korea Herald reported that one of Apple's premium iPhones and the Galaxy S10 would come with three backside cameras with a 3D sensor. The triple cameras, which allow consumers to take clearer and crisper pictures at different angles than single and dual peers and to use enhanced zoom features, can also be utilized for augmented reality solutions. Today we're getting a few more rumored details about Samsung's S10 cameras.


With Apple launching three new iPhones in September, Samsung has reportedly decided to follow Apple's lead and plans to introduce a trio of smartphones themselves for the Galaxy S10 including a premium large-screen Galaxy S10+ whose project name is Beyond 2; a basic Galaxy S10 or Beyond 1; and a cheaper version or Beyond 0.


Sources told Korean publication 'The Bell,' that the upcoming Galaxy S10+ is expected to feature a whopping five camera lenses -- a front-facing dual-lens camera and a rear-facing triple-lens camera. The dual face cameras will likely be used to support their version of Apple's Face ID. Samsung was granted a patent for an advanced smartphone biometric camera in Q3.


The current Galaxy S9+ that was launched earlier this year features a 12-megapixel rear-facing dual-lens camera. The sources added that a 16-megapixel "super-wide angle" camera will be added to greatly improve landscape photography.


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