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Earlier today Patently Apple posted a report titled "Speed Leaps offered by 5G Networks in 2019 will require High-Performance Thermal Solutions for Smartphones." The report pointed to Huawei preparing their 5G smartphone that will debut next summer that will integrate a copper based thermal solution to keep their smartphone running cool while pushing leaps in speed on 5G networks. Now we're learning that Samsung is getting ahead of Huawei on that front.


According to new information, Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 debuting next week may surprise the market by introducing a very large and effective thermal solution in order to maintain the performance of the Galaxy Note 9 when playing games and likely a test prior to releasing a 5G network ready smartphone next year.


With rumors that Samsung has landed an exclusive for Fortnite on Android, the tech site WccfTech further reports that "the phablet will be able to maintain those processor and GPU clock speeds, allowing Fortnite to run seamlessly, even in graphically demanding areas. Additionally, the Note 9 will be able to get attached to an external monitor without the need for a dock."


A second rumor today claims that Samsung's new Note 9 will have a long battery life with more storage space and a faster processor. Samsung released a teaser video on the Note 9 on Friday as presented below supporting the rumor.  



The Galaxy Note 9 reportedly will feature a huge 4,000 mAh battery, which will be the largest among Samsung's smartphones. The upcoming premium phone is also reportedly to come with an industry leading 512 GB of storage and 8GB of RAM.


The last Samsung news of the day claims that Samsung and Tencent have forged an Alliance to take on Apple and Google.


According to the investment banking industry on July 28, Samsung Electronics and Tencent are jointly investing in AI speakers and game development. "At the beginning of this year, Samsung Electronics and Tencent agreed to jointly invest in AI speakers and game solutions. The two are now discussing practical business affairs," an IB industry official said. "They are expected to set up a joint venture company."


Samsung Electronics is expected to seek to recover its share of the smartphone market in China, which dropped to 3%, by using Tencent as its partner. Tencent is also looking to find a breakthrough in online gaming which accounts for more than 70% of its sales. Tencent earned 167.5 billion yuan in online games, more than 70% of its estimated sales of 239.4 billion yuan last year.


The cooperation between Samsung Electronics and Tencent will meet the two companies' needs. Samsung Electronics is expanding its Bixby service, an AI assistant, not only into mobile phones but into home appliances, displays and more.


Tencent is leading the global market as well as the Chinese market in internet platforms, an area where Samsung Electronics is weak. Mobile messenger Wechat of Tencent has 980 million monthly active users (MAUs). Tencent is currently using its AI technology in the news sector and plans to expand it into autonomous vehicles in the future.


The ultimate goal of the alliance between Samsung Electronics and Tencent is to take the lead in the smart home market. In particular, AI speakers are the core of the smart home sector that could make or break IT companies. AI speakers are expected to play the role of a hub for indoor and outdoor home appliances with smartphones in the future. The cooperation between Samsung Electronics and Tencent, the two world-class IT players, started with a common understanding that they are late comers in the smart home market.


Tencent's cooperation with Samsung Electronics is intended to take a leap in AI, an area where it lags behind its Chinese rivals Baidu and Alibaba.


This year, Samsung Electronics will load its voice recognition service Bixby into its AI speaker. According to a rumor emerging last week, it may be introduced as early as next week.


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