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Speed Leaps offered by 5G Networks in 2019 will require High-Performance Thermal Solutions for Smartphones

Patently Apple's Week in Review Covers General Apple News, Patents, Legal Cases and Rumors

11 Week in Review


Patently Apple's Week in Review for July 23-29 presents the top intellectual property news covering legal cases and various types of patents. The report also covers our top general Apple News reports, Apple rumors and interesting patents from Patently Mobile.


Apple IP & Legal News of the Week


2x wireless charging on macbooks


01: Apple's Imaging & Sensing Team behind the TrueDepth Camera Invents a SPAD Detector with Modulated Sensitivity

02: Apple Reveals in Patent Application that the MacBook Pro may include a Touch Display in the Future

03: Apple Finally wins a Patent for a Touchscreen iMac that will Never, Ever Come to Market

04: Apple Wins 48 Patents today covering Gaze Controls for Future Macs or Smart TV, Augmented Reality Camera Estimations & more

05: A Federal Appeals Court invalidates a Patent that was used in Infringement cases against Apple and Google

06: Apple Invents the Ultimate Sunscreen Detector for Apple Watch that will integrate a UV-IR Scanner

07: Apple wins a Design Patent for 'AirPower' prior to its Launch

08: SpeakWare Inc. Sues Apple, Samsung & Microsoft for Patent Infringement Relating to Digital Assistants Controlling Appliances

09: Apple Wins Patent for a Camera Lens Accessory System for Future iDevices and MacBooks

10: Apple wins a Design Patent for 'AirPower' prior to its Launch


Popular News Reports of the Week


3x apple Piazza Liberty milan italy

01: Apple Watch Grew 30% Year-over-Year in Q2 2018 due to new Asian Partnerships

02: In Q2 Apple had Strong iPhone Growth in the U.S. with 8 out of the top 10 Smartphones being iPhones and iPhone X being #1 in China

03: Apple's Official Jumbo Photos of Opening Day at the new Apple Piazza Liberty Store in Milan

04: Consumer PCs with 10nm CPU's Delayed to Q4 2019

05: Former Apple Health Director who sold his Company Gliimpse to Apple is on a Mission to Fix Medical Record Systems

06: Crazy Millennial Study Says that Apple is Out, Colgate is in and Brands must adhere to Left Political Positions to Rank Higher

07: Apple Issues Apology on Throttling


Apple Music: Asahd vs.Khaled: The Negotiation — Apple


Apple ended the week with the release of a new HomePod ad featuring radio personality and record producer Kaled. The ad's tune is 'No Brainer' now on Apple Music: http://apple.co/No-Brainer.  



On Patently Mobile this Week


1 Cover - msft surface device concept by David Breyer


01: Microsoft Invents a Foldable, Mobile Device for Suit Pockets and Purses to keep users Productive while on the Go

02: Samsung's Ultrasonic based Fingerprint Scanner for under a Smartphone Display was confirmed in a Patent this week

03: Microsoft is granted a Patent for a Smartphone that could double its Screen Size with an Expandable Frame


Rumors of the Week


AppleInsider: New rumor claims 2018 iPad Pros will be smaller, drop headphone jacks


9to5Mac: Leaked images claim to show iPhone X Plus & 6.1-inch LCD iPhone dummy units [Gallery]


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