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1 X cover iMac with Touchscreen


Back in 2010 Patently Apple posted a report titled "The Mother Lode: Welcome to the iMac Touch." It was an exciting time when the patent came out with Steve Jobs still the CEO and exciting products were being invented. Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 48 newly granted patents for Apple with the iMac Touch finally getting approved.


Just don't get excited about it because Apple's Craig Federighi officially killed that idea. We covered the announcement back in 2014 in a report titled "Apple's Federighi Drops the Guillotine on the iMac Touch."


Apple's granted patent 10,031,549 titled "Transitioning between modes of input" was originally filed in Q3 2008 and published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office.


Maybe if the iPad Pro gets a desktop version with a 28" iPad, we'll get what we want then. Just don't hold your breath.


If you're from the Windows camp Microsoft's Surface Studio is the desktop that's top notch if you're rich enough to afford it and most Windows notebooks offer touchscreens.


To Apple, the iPad Pro has the right touchscreen and there's no mention of Gorilla arm when you're using it in that context. But the minute it's called a MacBook or iMac, the touch concept is evil. Ha! – There's no logic there, so don't even try to convince anyone otherwise.


One More Thing


Just to set the record straight. Steve Jobs did at one point preach that touch on a vertical display just didn't work. True, but he also preached that the stylus was stupid and we now have Apple Pencil. Don't look for logic. Steve Jobs protected the way Apple did things and would slam competitors who thought any differently.


Having a touchscreen doesn't mean the user will be using it for hours at a time unless they're in tablet-mode. But having the convenience and choice to touch the screen on a notebook or desktop to open an email in the morning or do some casual reading and flip the page with your finger is appreciated, for some.


To get around the touchscreen on a MacBook Pro, Apple introduced the Touch Bar which most don't like. But Apple sanctioned it as the official way to work. Again, for some, it would be nice to have a touchscreen instead. 


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