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1 Cover - Apple HMD experience system for autonomous cars


In late March Patently Apple posted a report titled "Patent of the Decade: Apple Reveals an Unbelievable VR Experience System for Next-Gen Autonomous Vehicles." Two additional patents published on that same day supporting the very same project (one and two) covered a sophisticated mixed reality headset for 3D documents and other experiences. Mark Rober is listed as one of the inventors on two of those patents, with one being titled "Immersive Virtual Display."


2 - X2 -  us patent filing 20180089901

I didn't list Mark Rober in the March patent reports as an inventor at the time because his LinkedIn profile didn't verify that he worked at Apple.


Now Variety has posted a report about the "secret" that YouTuber Mark Rober is working on a mixed reality headset for Apple. The report notes that "In a Reddit AmA, Rober told fans a year ago that he was working at "a large tech company in the Bay Area." He declined to name the company, saying that he was asked not to, but added: "I work on the team formulating products that haven't been released."


Instead of relying on a non-descriptive quote as proof that Rober is working at Apple or with Apple, it's just a fact that Rober is working on Apple's next-gen mixed reality headset because he's listed on two of Apple's patents on this project as noted at the top of our report.


With Apple's patent filings being entered last September with the U.S. Patent Office, it's clear that Rober has been with Apple for at least a year and likely much longer.


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