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TSMC Reportedly Confirms that the iPhone's 7nm Chip for this year's Trio of new Smartphones is now in Full Production



In April Patently Apple posted a report titled "TSMC Reveals that Smartphones with 7nm Processors on Track for Q4 2018 could bring up to 40% Power Reduction." Today it's confirmed that TSMC has started mass production of next-generation processors for new iPhones launching later this year.


The processor, likely to be called the A12 chip, will use a 7-nanometer design that can be smaller, faster and more efficient than the 10-nanometer chips in current Apple devices like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.


More-capable chips help smartphones run apps faster and last longer before having to be recharged, key advantages in a competitive industry that's struggling to grow. The rest of the report is filler and you can read it here.


Giving us a headsup for 2019, Patently Apple posted a report earlier this month titled "While Apple's Top iPhones in 2018 will use 7nm Processors, TSMC is set to deliver 7nm+ with EUV technology for 2019."


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