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Fake News: A Report Claims that Huawei Received a Foldable Smartphone Patent ahead of Samsung and Apple

1 Cover - Huawei foldable smartphone patent image


A report published today by Moneycontrol News claims that Huawei has received a patent for a foldable smartphone ahead of Samsung and Apple. This is false or fake news at its finest.



Yes, Huawei was indeed granted a patent in Europe for a foldable smartphone on March 29th 2018 with patent figures viewable here.


Fact: Apple was granted an elaborate foldable smartphone patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office on November first 2016 or 16 months ahead of the one from Huawei.


3 apple foldable smartphone

Apple was granted another in November 2016 and another December 2017.


Translation: Huawei did not win a foldable smartphone patent ahead of Apple.


Fact: Samsung was granted a foldable smartphone patent on August 2, 2016 titled "Foldable Display Device under # 9,406,734. A few patent figures illustrated below are from that granted patent.


4 samung granted patent for foldable smartphone

Translation: Huawei did not win a foldable smartphone patent ahead of Samsung.


Should the Moneycontrol report be pulled? Duh, with nothing correct in that byline, it should - but if not, at least you have the facts to debunk this Fake News.


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