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The EU Antitrust Authorities will decide on the Apple-Shazam Acquisition on April 23

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In February Patently Apple posted a report titled "Europe's Antitrust Commission says that Apple's acquisition of Shazam may have an Adverse Effect on European Competition." The report noted that the EU antitrust enforcer had said that based on preliminary data provided by the seven countries, the deal may have a significant adverse effect on competition in Europe."


We're learning today that Reuters has learned that the EU antitrust authorities will decide by April 23 whether to clear Apple on the purchase of British music discovery app Shazam. The news has yet to be published on the EU Commission's Antitrust press release news.


Apple sought EU approval for the deal on Wednesday, according to a filing on the EU competition agency's website. The move had been expected after seven European countries including France, Italy and Spain asked the Commission to take charge of the case.


Yesterday Patently Apple  posted a report titled "With the Threat of U.S. Tariffs aimed at Europe, France prepares to sue Apple and Google for the sake of 'Justice.'" With the EU forcing Apple to pay billions of Euros to Ireland and yesterday's news of a new lawsuit against Apple business practices, it's hard to see the EU giving Apple a break on the Shazam deal.


The anti-American business sentiment runs high at the European Commission and it would a surprise if they gave Apple a break in April or any time in the foreseeable future.

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