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Apple engineer Walter Huang died on Friday after his new Tesla Model X he was driving crashed into a barrier in Mountain View, California. Though investigations into what caused the crash are ongoing, ABC7 News is reporting that Huang had previously complained to the dealer he bought the Tesla from that the car's autopilot software veered toward that same barrier on multiple occasions.  


As Huang’s brother told ABC7: "Before the crash, Walter complained 7-10 times the car would swivel toward that same exact barrier during autopilot. Walter took it into dealership addressing the issue, but they couldn't duplicate it there."


The ABC reporter noted that "The family is telling me they provided an invoice to investigators, that the victim took the car in because it kept veering at the same barrier."


NTSB Spokesman Christopher O'Neil said, "We're going to work with CHP and Tesla to download the information from those modules and then see what data is available to us that might give insights into what was going on during the accident sequence."


Walter Huang, 38 years old, had a wife and two kids, lived in Foster City, worked for 13 years as a programmer at Electronic Arts. This past November, he got a job as an Apple engineer and bought his new Tesla, posting a picture on his Facebook page.


For more on this, read the full ABC news report here.


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