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According to the newly released Brand Intimacy 2018 Report preview from MBLM, Apple ranked as the most intimate brand among millennials. Brand Intimacy is defined as a new paradigm that leverages and strengthens the emotional bonds between a person and a brand. If you can actually count on "emotion" as a scientific means of determining what millennials think about brands, then Apple is without a doubt the hands down winner.


While Apple and Disney ranked as the first and second most intimate brands for millennials in 2018, MBLM's 2017 report had Disney placed first, followed by Amazon and Netflix. So Apple has seemingly attracted Millennials in 2017 and perhaps it was the iPhone X's new features relating to Augmented Reality and Animojis.


The other brands that round out the top 10 are: Target, Amazon, Nintendo, Google, Xbox, Netflix and Whole Foods.


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The demographic beyond millennials had a slightly different mix of top companies. The top 10 for the group are: Apple, Amazon, YouTube, PlayStation, Starbucks, Nintendo, Google, Netflix, Coca Cola and Walmart.


The Brand Intimacy 2018 Report by MBLM contains the most comprehensive rankings of brands based on emotion, analyzing the responses of 6,000 consumers and 54,000 brand evaluations across 15 industries in the U.S., Mexico and UAE. The full report will be released on March 13, 2018.


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