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Huawei introduced their new P20 smartphone yesterday in an Obnoxious Keynote Obsessed with the iPhone X

1 huawei P20 launched march 28  2018


Huawei is the number three smartphone vendor in the world at present and their goal is to surpass Samsung by 2021. That of course will likely depend on whether or not they could penetrate the U.S. market. The U.S. Government is currently attempting to stop Huawei from entering the U.S. AT&T put the brakes on introducing the new Huawei P20 smartphone at the last moment and last week Best Buy pulled out of a retail deal with Huawei.


Huawei, who is obsessed with beating Apple's iPhone X, paraded trucks in front of Apple stores in the U.K. last week to get in Apple's face promoting their March 27th event.


Yesterday Apple delivered an excellent event focused on the Education market and introduced a new range of software, services and iPad with Apple Pencil. At the same time Huawei was launching their new P20 smartphone in Europe.


While their new smartphone is interesting, their keynote delivery was one of the worst ever witnessed. The CEO of Huawei will have to learn from both Apple and Samsung on how to deliver a keynote in English. While it's great that the Chinese CEO can speak English, relying on the CEO to articulate features of their new smartphone was a disaster.


More obnoxiously was their absolute obsession with beating Apple's iPhone X. Below are just a few keynote images mentioning how the P20 is better than the iPhone X. (Click on any of the images to slightly enlarge them for better viewing)


2 P20 Kurin 970 vs Apple A11 and Snapdragon 845
2 P20 Kurin 970 vs Apple A11 and Snapdragon 845
2 P20 Kurin 970 vs Apple A11 and Snapdragon 845
2 P20 Kurin 970 vs Apple A11 and Snapdragon 845
2 P20 Kurin 970 vs Apple A11 and Snapdragon 845
2 P20 Kurin 970 vs Apple A11 and Snapdragon 845


Huawei has to realize that leaders simply present their bold new products without having to constantly bring up their competitor. While mentioning a competitor at a strategic moment in any keynote is expected, even from Apple, Huawei simply went overboard by comparing almost every feature to the iPhone X. It came across as professional insecurity and in fact amateurish.


The Full Huawei P20 Keynote


For those wanting to check out Huawei's full keynote to see what Apple's competitor is up to, you could check out their full keynote below, visit their website for full P20 specifications and/or read a full review by The Verge.  



8. Huawei P20

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