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Huawei gets in Apple's Face with Ad-Trucks Driving in Front of Apple Stores in the UK Promoting their new Smartphone Launch

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With Huawei being the number three smartphone vendor in the world and being denied entry into the U.S. to challenge their rivals in the most important market in the world, Huawei decided to get a little cocky and drive flatbed trucks around Apple and Samsung stores in the UK with a clear message of "Wait" – their new smartphone launches on March 27th. It's an in-your-face stunt that I'm sure their fans love but will likely have zero affect against Apple fans anywhere in the world. Our cover graphic was found in a report posted by the UK's Inquirer.


2 Huawei mar 27  2018 launch

The official ad for the new Huawei P20 states "See MOOORE with AI" with the three O's representing Huawei's new phone coming with 3 lenses vs 2 lenses on iPhone and Galaxy smartphones. Beyond the three lenses, as noted below, the smartphone is rumored to have a much smaller notch than Apple's iPhone X.


3 huawei rumored p20 smartphone - Copy

The triple camera from Leica packs a punch with a 40MP sensor and if you're in the least interested, there are more specs to found here.


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