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1 Cover iPad stand maximum flexibility for movement


Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that relates to a future iPad / iPad Pro Accessory in the form of a counterbalanced stand with maximum flexibility. Apple illustrates a specific new display stand connector positioned on the backside of the iPad that could be disc shaped. Apple notes that the disc may be attached to the backside of the iPad or held in place with a new magnets assembly so that it could quickly attach to and detach from the stand. Although it's meant for work and making presentations, the fact is that the stand could be convenient to use for viewing video content, TV and even playing games on your iPad set at a perfect height just for you. 


Apple notes that many modern portable electronic devices have visual display screens that can convey and wide variety of pictures, video, and other information. There can be instances where making a presentation to many people is made using the display screen of an iPad, in which case the presentation of the display screen to all people simultaneously can be difficult or awkward.


Further, there can also be instances where the presentation of the display screen to a single user can be cumbersome, such as where a user must typically hold or carry the device while doing other activities as well.


Such display screens often function as input devices as well, such as in the case of touch screens. Where a user desires to provide touch input to the display screen, the presentation of the display screen might also require a single user to hold the device physically, which may be inconvenient given the circumstances.


While portable electronic devices having visual display components have thus worked well in the past, there can be room for improvement. Accordingly, there is a need for electronic device accessories having improved display presentation capabilities.


Apple's invention covers various structures, methods, and features for a new stand accessory for an iPad. Such stands can be counterbalanced display stands in some cases.


According to various embodiments, a stand assembly configured for use with a with an iPad having a display screen for presenting visual content includes at least a base, a mechanical assembly supported by and movably coupled to the base, the mechanical assembly having mechanical arms and linkages, a connector at a first end of the mechanical assembly, the connector configured to detachably connect the portable electronic device to the mechanical assembly.


The mechanical assembly allows movement of the connector in multiple directions to arrive at different positions and provide different adjustable orientations of the display screen with respect to the base when the portable electronic device is connected to the connector.


A weighted component is coupled to the mechanical assembly at a second end that is opposite the first end, and the weighted component is configured to counterbalance a weight of the portable electronic device and maintain a set orientation of the display screen selected from the different adjustable orientations of the display screen.


As noted in Apple's patent FIG. 2 presented below we're able to see a side elevation view an exemplary display stand configured to present the display of the iPad; FIG. 3 illustrates in top perspective view a display stand having a an iPad attached thereto; FIG. 9 illustrates a flowchart of an exemplary method of presenting a display screen of an iPad.


2 Apple iPad stand patent

Apple's patent FIG. 4A presented below illustrates in side view a display stand having an iPad attached thereto in a landscape orientation and lowered elevation; FIG. 4B illustrates is a side view a display stand with an iPad in a portrait orientation and raised elevation; FIG. 4C illustrates in side view of a display stand having an iPad attached thereto and raised in elevation with respect to a table; FIG. 4D illustrates in side view a display stand having an iPad attached thereto and lowered in elevation with respect to a table.


3 apple patent figs 4a-4d & 8a b

Apple's patent FIG. 8A presented above illustrates in side view a display stand having an iPad attached thereto and lowered in elevation with respect to a table attached to an external input device (which appears to be an iPad Pro; FIG. 8B illustrates the same stand with the keyboard of the iPad Pro detached.


4 Apple ipad stand accessory patent

Apple's patent FIG. 5A presented above illustrates in rear view of an iPad having an exemplary display stand connector configured for connecting to a display stand affixed thereto; FIGS. 5B & 5C illustrate different perspectives of the present invention.


Different iPad Stand Concepts Considered



Apple's patent FIG. 6A presented above illustrates in block diagram format of an exemplary linear spring based display stand arrangement; FIG. 6B illustrates in front view and in block diagram format the display stand arrangement of FIG. 6A including a track; FIG. 7 illustrates in block diagram format an exemplary scissor based display stand arrangement.


Apple's patent application # 20180080598 was filed back in Q1 2017. Considering that this is a patent application, the timing of such a product to market is unknown at this time.


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