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After months of Rumors, Iovine is fading from running Apple Music to being a mere 'Consultant'

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Apple Music's Jimmy Iovine is having a lousy start to 2018. Right out the gate on January 4th the rumor of Iovine leaving Apple hit the blogosphere. On January 10th responded to the rumor that it was nothing more than fake news. Iovine added that the "articles annoyed me, because it had nothing to do with reality." Then in late February Iovine was back in the news saying that he wasn't leaving Apple to join a new label. Now that March is winding down, the WSJ posts a report titled "Jimmy Iovine's Planned Exit from Apple Music Raises Leadership Questions.


The report noted that "Apple is losing the public face of its music operations, just as its streaming service is finding its beat. Executive Jimmy Iovine will transition into a consulting role in August and step back from daily involvement with the company's streaming-music business, according to people familiar with his plans …" For more on this, read the full report here.


The old saying of 'where's there's smoke there's fire' mirrors the Iovine saga. Something tells me that Iovine didn't see this coming.


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