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Ever since the news of Apple planning to use additional OLED suppliers beginning in H2 and then full tilt in 2019, Samsung has been actively complaining, whining and being vindictive. A report today from Korea's ETNews appears to be more about being an Apple smear piece than a serious article. FUD is a business tactic that is usually evoked intentionally in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage.


The whining comes when the report notes that "Although Apple is going to increase production size of LCD iPhones, it is expected that other foreign businesses such as JDI and Sharp are going to benefit more than South Korean businesses. It is likely that South Korean electronic part industries will have difficult times in recovering their performance."


The report further notes that "Operation rates of facilities of Samsung Display, which is the only one that is supplying OLED panels to Apple, dropped sharply due to lack of sales." Ah, finally the real reason for the report comes to light. If Korean sources will suffer, then smear the customer shifting orders to "foreign businesses."


Somehow this Korean news site seems to know exactly what Apple's plans were for OLED displays for the iPhone X and what they will be in the future. Of course they hide behind what "sources" are saying.


While saying Apple will dramatically reduce OLED panels for iPhones this year, they admit there will now be two OLED models in Q4. Yet somehow they know that the two OLED models won't demand more than 55 million OLED displays. Wow, what crystal ball model are they working with? I'd like to get one.


Maybe it's just me, but the report comes off as propaganda and FUD originating from Samsung who is now giving their S9 smartphone away so that it looks like they're actually competing with Apple in the U.S.


Perhaps you'll see it differently. You could read the full ETNews report for yourself here.


For all of the complaining and dismal forecasts, Apple's iPhone X only began shipping in quantities in mid-November and still ended up being the number one smartphone in the world during the Christmas quarter.


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