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Korea Communications Commission Puts Apple on the Hot Seat over Allegations of Deliberately Slowing Down iPhones

Video Report: Apple Fans react to the News that their older iPhones are Purposely Slowed

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During the holiday season consumers are in the mood to buy new things, which often includes upgrading old phones for the new year. Yet Apple now has some folks hopping mad after being forced to admit last week what many had suspected for some time: software updates that add many current features to older iPhones actually slow down the performance of those models  


USA Today reports that "Upgraders who added the latest edition of iOS, Apple's mobile operating system, found their old phones are slower because the new bells and whistles are meant to be processed by faster chips.


Apple came clean shortly before Christmas, saying that it used software tricks to slow down the processing speed of older phones to take into account the natural lifespan of batteries, which lose juice as they get older.  



Daniel Ives, an analyst with GBH Insights, says Apple's initial statement isn't enough. He estimates that 350 million consumers are currently looking to upgrade their phones, (out of the 1 billion unit plus iPhone universe) and Apple's semantics won't play with them.


'This is a PR nightmare for Apple,' says Ives. 'The timing is horrific and they have to address it before this becomes a much bigger issue."' For more on this read the full story here.


2 fan reactions to battery issue

Of course you could always read the reactions that are found in the 10 lawsuits filed over the last week below:


08: The 10th Class Action against Apple Claims they Fraudulently Omitted Information about the Battery Issue in order to sell new iPhones

07: The 9th Lawsuit against Apple for Purposely slowing iPhones Points to Fraud, Unjust Enrichment and 9 other Causes for their Class Action

06: The 7th and 8th Class Action Lawsuits have been filed in New York and California with one Suit demanding an insane $999 Billion Payout

05: Apple Hit with a $125 Million Class Action in Israel over Purposely Slowing iPhones

04: Apple hammered with Class Action #5 for slowing iPhone Battery Issue

03: The Fourth Lawsuit against Apple regarding the slowing iPhone Battery Issue was filed in New York on Friday

02: Apple has been hit with a Third Battery Issue Related Lawsuit by a Bay Area Resident

01: In the Blink of an Eye, Apple's Admission of Slowing Batteries on Older iPhones turns into a Class Action Lawsuit (this report covers two class action lawsuits)


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