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Santa begins Delivering Apple's new iMac Pro Desktops Tomorrow in Time for Holiday Cheers



When Microsoft first introduced their new Surface Studio for "pros" last year, the media went nuts about how great and cool it was for the pro community. Price aside it's a beauty of a desktop to be sure. Its heavy $4,200 price isn't for consumers to be sure, but neither is Apple's iMac Pro that debuts tomorrow. Well, at least the first two of three iMac Pro models that is.


If you're a heavy video producer, an engineer, architect, financial analyst and digital content creator for augmented and virtual reality, then gaining productivity is worth the higher price tags of either pro All-in-One (AIO) desktop. The fact that their both sexy beasts just happens to be a bonus.


One of my favorite product reviewers is Marque Brownlee and his review of the new iMac Pro debuting tomorrow is provided below.  



With Microsoft's Surface Studio, AIO customers get a plain quad core i7 processor in contrast to Apple's entry iMac Pro unit that comes with a thunderous 8-Core Xeon processor, which isn't even in the same league. That alone makes up for the entry iMac's starting price of US$4,999.


In the big picture, either of these desktops are for business and/or pro-level enthusiasts, so the added cost will be compensated for with more productivity month in and month out. So it's all relative.


For comparative All-in-One workstation model specifications, you could check those out for the iMac Pro here and for the the Surface Studio here.


2 another look at the iMac Pro debuting tomorrow dec 14 2017  patently apple

While we won't be seeing massive line-ups around the block for the iMac Pro tomorrow morning like we're use to seeing for high-end iPhones, it's certainly a great catch-up move by Apple with promises of even more focus on pro community devices in the coming years. 


Apple's Jonathan Ive said in a recent interview, about the angry MacBook Pro user feedback: "Absolutely, all of your feelings and feedback around the MacBook you use, we couldn't want to listen to more, And we hear — boy, do we hear."


While we'll have to wait and see if they're in fact listening to pro user feedback over the next few years, for now the new iMac Pro hits the market tomorrow and just in time for the holidays. Now, what iMac fan wouldn't drool to have one of these new beasts sitting under the tree for Christmas?


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