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1 2017 cover Scribble on your Apple Watch - Copy

On Thursday the US Patent & Trademark Office published two patents that for the most part are now patents fulfilled for Apple Watch and the Home App. The first is a patent application from Apple that relates to the Apple Watch feature known as 'Scribble' as noted in our cover graphic.


The 'Scribble' feature was first introduced at Apple's annual WWDC conference in 2016. Apple advanced this feature to work with French, German, Italian languages with watchOS 4. On Thursday the U.S. Patent Office published the original patent for this feature which makes it a patent fulfilled.


Apple's patent application 20170357438 was filed in June 2017 with some prior work dating back to 2016.


Apple's patent Abstract states: "The present disclosure generally relates to handwriting on touch sensitive surfaces. In some examples, text suggestions strokes entered on a touch sensitive surface are viewed and selected in response to a rotatable input mechanism. In some examples, text determined from a set of strokes on the touch sensitive surface is revised based on a subsequently entered stroke on the touch sensitive surface.


In some examples, a determination is made whether to include a stroke in a set of strokes based a time between the stroke and the previous stroke. In some examples, determining text based on a set of stroke is interrupted to determined revised text based on the set of strokes and a second stroke."



Apple's inventors include 21 year veteran engineer Imran Chaudhri; Software Designer Ryan Dixon who currently works on Software Framework and UI design and development in pattern recognition; Apple Human Interface Designer Bradley Griffin was the founder of Pattern Design Lab in 2012 before coming to apple; and lastly Tiffany Jon, a Human Interface Designer.


For those who wish to delve deeper into the Apple Watch 'Scribble' patent titled "Handwriting Keyboard for Screens," could do so by clicking here.


Home App Patent



The second patent covers the user interface for managing External devices related to HomeKit and more specifically the Home App, such as thermostats, lighting devices, household appliances and more. Apple held a special session on what's new in HomeKit at their developer conference (WWDC) in June and for those interested, you could review the developer session (video) and review a PDF presentation and more here. You could learn more of the overview of HomeKit and the Home App here. Some of the slides from Apple's HomeKit / Home Apple PDF presentation are noted below.





Last Thursday one of Apple's patents regarding their Home App and HomeKit that was originally filed in January 2017 was published by the U.S. Patent Office titled "User Interface for Managing Controllable External Devices."


4 home app
4 home app


Apple's patent application number 20170357434 offers moe than 100 patent figures illustrated user interface set-ups and great detail for iPhone and Apple Watch. To review this invention in-depth click here. Most of the inventors listed on this invention are noted as being 'User Interface Designers' at Apple.


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