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A fairly unknown analytical firm called Propeller Insights has published a survey that magically propels Samsung's S8 as the winning smartphone for U.S. adults this Christmas. It's based on a sampling of 1,034 adults and 507 teens. The make up is important to visualize as it slants the statistics to make Samsung's S8 a champion.


The analysis wasn't done on 1,034 adults and 1,034 teens to make the survey fair and square. No, it was 2 to 1 in favor of adults. It matters when a company, or in this case Forbes, is trying to prove that Samsung's S8 is far more popular with adults than the iPhone is to teens.


With more teens in the survey, the percentage of teens would have likely shown a statistic of 65% slanting towards teens over adults. But that would have shown the largest stat wasn't in favor of Samsung. As you could see in the survey below, the number figure is adults at 38%, a clear statistical win for Samsung. How convenient.


In reality, more teens will buy iPhones than adults in any given year which is why Apple continues to win in the market. But on paper, the survey is to show the winning stat as the one belonging to Samsung's Galaxy S8.  

  2 2017 survey from who  propeller insights on behalf of ebates 

In early November Patently Apple posted a report titled "The Launch of the iPhone X is going down as the Largest Single Product Launch in Apple's History hands down," which showed crowds around the world and around the block to get their hands on the new iPhone X with Adults and teens alike as you could see in our cover graphic. Crowds lined up fo the Samsung S8? Zero. Now there's a free survey that you can trust and take to the bank.


While the Forbes report was published back on November 13th, two South Korean websites fell over themselves today playing up that little survey as if it meant their home team Samsung was really the King of smartphones in the U.S and kicking Apple's ass.


Last week Patently Apple posted a report titled "South Korea Authorities are Close to pushing the 'Recall' button on Apple's iPhone 8 if another Problem arises in their Country." South Korean tech writers understandably cheer on their home team Samsung, but truly to a fault. They'll fall off a cliff with nonsensical anger flying at Apple or in this case relying on a tiny survey to bolster Samsung even in the face of reality and real statistics.


Fact, Apple bounced back in Q3 in the U.S. overtaking Samsung; Fact, six out of the top ten smartphones in Q3 2017 were iPhones, way ahead of the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X is likely to crush these stats in Q4. There's no way for the Galaxy S8 to be the big winner here if the iPhone 8 in just weeks crippled the Galaxy S8.


One of Korean reports published today covering the survey for eBates was the BusinessKorea who stated: "US media outlets paid attention to the fact that Samsung Electronics launched a "Growing up with an upgrade to Galaxy" ad campaign that makes a mockery of the iPhone's 10-year history in line with the launch of the iPhone X, saying that preferred smartphone models will vary depending on age groups.


A one-minute advertisement released on YouTube shows that a boy using the iPhone had trouble using it for 10 years and changes his smartphone to the Galaxy Note 8 by following his girlfriend who uses a Samsung smartphone. The ad suggests that Galaxy smartphones are for adults."


The ad that BusinessKorea is referring to in their report today was one posted in our November 6th report titled "Apple's iPhone X sets new Launch Record while Samsung Obsesses with making new Apple Fan Mockery Ad."


This is BusinessKorea's big proof that the survey done for eBates showing that adults prefer the Galaxy S8 is for real. They're mixing a weak survey with a Samsung promotional video and concluding that this combination is proof of something we're to pay attention to? Well, I guess they expect Korean tech fans to swallow it.


Then again, even Apple fans in South Korea laugh off such nonsense from their local press as the iPhone X pre-orders sold in under five minutes last week.


In the end, the Korean tech press championing the survey for eBates as being meaningful is delusion on wheels. It dwarfs the lunacy of Woody Allan's earlier movies. At least those were supposed to be comedies. Will the Galaxy S8 really outsell Apple iPhones with adults this Christmas? No – end of story.


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